Bow Vows - Including Your Dog At Your Wedding

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I recently blogged about how the trend for including our pups at our nupts has filtered down to us normal folk and how much we're loving it! 

Well, if you want your pet to be part of the ceremony here are a few ideas:

Flower Bearer - flowers can be attached to the collar and look adorable.  Just make sure the flowers you choose are not toxic to dogs.

Ring Bearer - attach a little pillow to the collar or attach the rings to the collar with ribbon.

Poochy Poses - for many of the brides photos featuring their dogs were hands-down favourites and go on to become precious memories of very happy times.  Look for a photographer who will bring the same spirit and professionalism to capturing your furry friend in the wedding as they do to the rest of the wedding party.

Include your dog in the engagement photos or on the save-the-date cards.

Attendant - create a tulle collar with ribbons or from some of the bride’s veil material, as well as a satin lead to match the wedding dress.

Cake Topper - commission a unique and personalised addition to your cake with a sugar crafted cake decoration of your pup.

Dancing Dogs - if you think it's more sensible for your dogs to stay out of sight throughout the ceremony, after everyone has dined but before the cake cutting get the DJ to play "Who Let the Dogs Out,” and let them come blasting into the Reception for a short guest appearance.

I hope this post has given you some ideas - or has made you smile as it has done for me while I've been writing it x


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