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  • Compulsory Microchipping in Wales

    Posted on October 23, 2015 by Lizzie

    Wales are rolling out a new policy as of April next year, calling for all dog owners to microchip their pets or face a fine to the potential tune of £500. Policies similar to this one in Wales are being rolled out also across England and Scotland too. Owners will be committing an offence if they fail to get their dogs chipped after the age of 8 weeks, and this move has a widespread backing from the police and the RSPCA amongst others.

    The move has been introduced in the hope that it will deter theft of dogs, a crime which has seen a sharp increase in recent years, and also improve dog owner’s responsibility when it comes to their pet’s behaviour and health. It also is hoped that the chips will make it possible to trace diseases from dog to dog back to the original source of infection, in order to control the spread.

    It’s also possible that this new policy will make for responsible breeding and selling and encourage good ownership.

    What are your thoughts? Are your pets already chipped? Do you think this will improve ownership? Have you had a bad experience with a dog owner and discovered their pet wasn’t chipped? Or have you found a lost pet and struggled to locate the owner?

    Whatever the breed, knows responsible dog owners want the best for their pets, so we only stock the best quality dog beds in Manchester. We use great materials and our prices are competitive so you get the best deal for your furry friend. Give our site a look and we’re sure you’ll find something to treat your pet with!

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  • Bow Vows - Including Your Dog At Your Wedding

    Posted on August 8, 2013 by Lizzie


    I recently blogged about how the trend for including our pups at our nupts has filtered down to us normal folk and how much we're loving it! 

    Well, if you want your pet to be part of the ceremony here are a few ideas:

    Flower Bearer - flowers can be attached to the collar and look adorable.  Just make sure the flowers you choose are not toxic to dogs.

    Ring Bearer - attach a little pillow to the collar or attach the rings to the collar with ribbon.

    Poochy Poses - for many of the brides photos featuring their dogs were hands-down favourites and go on to become precious memories of very happy times.  Look for a photographer who will bring the same spirit and professionalism to capturing your furry friend in the wedding as they do to the rest of the wedding party.

    Include your dog in the engagement photos or on the save-the-date cards.

    Attendant - create a tulle collar with ribbons or from some of the bride’s veil material, as well as a satin lead to match the wedding dress.

    Cake Topper - commission a unique and personalised addition to your cake with a sugar crafted cake decoration of your pup.

    Dancing Dogs - if you think it's more sensible for your dogs to stay out of sight throughout the ceremony, after everyone has dined but before the cake cutting get the DJ to play "Who Let the Dogs Out,” and let them come blasting into the Reception for a short guest appearance.

    I hope this post has given you some ideas - or has made you smile as it has done for me while I've been writing it x


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  • Tips for Surviving Puppy's First Night

    Posted on July 4, 2013 by Lizzie


    All that space without their littermates can be a very big and scary place to a puppy.  Crates offer quiet sanctuary.

    Make puppy's crate as comfy as possible with one of our supersoft dog beds and some of our cosy bedding and place it just outside your bedroom door.

    Place something with the familiar scent of his mother in his crate if possible, as puppy experiences the world with his nose.  Our blankets are also great for having something to include with the scent of your puppy's new family members on to help him get used to you.

    Fill a hot-water bottle with warm water; cover it well in a towel or one of our blankets.  It's a great substitute for the warm body of puppy's mum.  A ticking clock can mimic a comforting heartbeat to your puppy.

    Make sure any bathroom needs are taken care of and make an effort to tire puppy out so that he is ready for a sleep.

    Wait until your puppy is in a relaxed state before closing  the door of the crate.  A blanket placed over the top to three sides will make it extra den-like and cosy.

    Your puppy is likely to whine as it is possibly their first night on their own and in unfamiliar surroundings, so it is natural for them to be a little upset.

    Resist the temptation to go to the puppy or take it out of the crate.  Give it chance to 'self soothe'.

    As with a newborn baby, the disturbed sleep doesn't last forever.  Before long you will be watching your little fella taking himself to his crate because he's a little sleepy head and he'll stay in his safe and cosy crate all night without a whimper <3


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  • The Strangest Things To Find In A Dog’s Stomach

    Posted on November 5, 2012 by Lizzie

    Far from just sitting under the dinner table and hovering up the dropped scraps of food, the odd vegetable or scrap of meat if they’re lucky, our doggie pals have been known to take a liking to consuming the strangest of objects which as you’d expect often result in a bad belly and a trip to the vet. Funnily enough though, despite the old excuse, there are no recorded cases of finding homework in a dog’s stomach.

    From child’s toys and golf balls to cutlery, we now take a look at just five of the strangest things to be found in the stomach of a dog….

    Homer Simpson

    While it’s a well-known fact that chocolate can be lethal to dogs, this 10 year old Dalmatian collie couldn’t resist tucking into a chocolate egg, after all why can’t dogs enjoy Easter just as much as humans?

    What Dixie didn’t realise was the surprise hiding inside the egg, a figurine of cartoon favourite Homer Simpson.


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  • Every Pet Needs A Name

    Posted on July 18, 2012 by Lizzie

    So you’ve picked your puppy from the litter and now you have the joy of bringing it home to meet the family. You’ve stocked up on puppy food, toys and a brand spanking new cosy bed for it to sleep in, booked the vet for its shots and bought your pet insurance policy. Yet despite getting all this there’s still one thing nagging away at you... What are you going to call your new furry friend?

    Do they look more like a Bruce than a Bouncer or a Molly than a Missy? Don’t worry though; help is at hand with the Pet Name Generator from

    It’s as simple as answering five questions and your new canine friend will have a brand new name to adorn their collar.

    To see it in action, let’s take this cute puppy as an example...

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  • National Microchipping Month

    Posted on June 7, 2012 by Lizzie

    National Microchipping Month is June 2012. This campaign encourages and promotes responsibility within pet ownership by supporting microchipping as a preferred method of permanent pet identification.

    According to recent stats, 126,000 stray dogs were handled by authorities in the last year. Unfortunately 7.5 thousand of them had to be put to sleep and it was reported that 77% of those lost had not been microchipped.

    The first country to put into practice microchipping was Denmark, they made it compulsory to have all puppies microchipped before they left their mothers at the age of 8 weeks old. By 2012 there were no stray dogs and only a couple of hundred that were lost.

    The other countries that have also made microchipping compulsory include Austria, Belgium, France, Hungary, Ireland and Spain. In the UK it is still being considered.

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  • Keeping Your Dog Cool In The Summer

    Posted on May 24, 2012 by Lizzie

    Everyone loves summer, dogs and humans alike. It is a great time to play outside in the nice weather and go on glorious long walks by the beach or across the country side.  It is however, crucial to ensure you keep your dog cool throughout the hot weather. While humans have the ability to keep themselves cool in a manner of different ways,  dogs don't have this option and therefore need your help in maintaining a good body temperature.

    Dogs sweat a small amount through their paws but they mainly cool off by panting. Unfortunately when the temperatures are very hot and humid then panting is not enough.
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  • Common Dog Health Problems

    Posted on March 27, 2012 by Lizzie

    Nothing is more important than the health and happiness of your dog. As the two often come hand in hand, it’s important to maintain the health of your dog to make sure that he is the happiest that he could possibly be. As with humans, dogs can suffer from common illnesses and conditions, and like humans, it is important to look out for them to make sure that they can be treated as early as possible. Below are some of the most frequent illnesses and conditions that dogs commonly suffer from.


    It is a little known fact that one in five dogs suffer from Arthritis at some point during their lives. As the disorder can be extremely painful for your friend, it is important to look out for the signs of the onset of arthritis. If your dog seems stiff or sore whilst walking or sitting down, or favours one limb over another, this could be the sign that your dog is suffering from arthritis. A simple x-ray at the vets will be able to confirm if your four-legged friend is suffering from the disorder. Larger breeds such as Labradors, German Shepherds and Collies tend to suffer more from the disorder.

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  • The Health Benefits of Walking Your Dog

    Posted on March 23, 2012 by Lizzie

    Walk your dog Regularly

    Once that you are in the care of a dog, it is your duty to love and care for them. This also means that you have to help maintain the health of your dog so that they live a long and enjoyable life.

    Whilst no dog is the same, and each dog has his or her own personal needs, there are a few ways to help give your dog that extra little boost. Walking your four-legged friend is important, not only should it be a source of enjoyment for the both of you, but it also yields a whole range of health benefits and can serve as a remedy for diseases and disorders.


    Arthritis for example, can be a major problem for dogs and is a painful disorder that can start at any point during a dog’s life. Once arthritis sets in, the disorder will become chronic so it is vitally important for you to get your friend treated straight away so that pain can be minimised. There are certain signs to look out for if your dog is suffering from arthritis:

    • Dog seems stiff and sore
    • Dog favours one leg more than another whilst walking
    • Dog suffers from mood changes
    • Difficulty in overall mobility, sitting or walking up or down stairs.

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  • Looking After Your Dog's Teeth

    Posted on March 19, 2012 by Lizzie

    Dog's Teeth

    Looking after and maintaining your dog’s teeth is important. Human teeth and canine teeth are very similar in that they will have two sets of teeth during a lifetime. We aren’t as lucky as sharks who can replace their teeth over and over again!

    Like most mammals, puppies are born without teeth, as it is not necessary to have them during the suckling stage of their lives. These come in much later at around three to six weeks. Although this may seem exceptionally hasty, it is important to remember that in the wild, survival is the key objective for any animal, so a good set of gnashes is imperative. This is also why it is merely a matter of months until adult teeth begin to emerge along the gum line.


    During this time of a dog’s life it is important to remember that like human babies, teething for puppies can be just as painful so you may expect the odd bit of nibbling amongst your furniture and possessions. Most people may regard this as bad or unruly behaviour but it is merely your puppy trying to aide his teeth along their painful process. If you are worried about your favourite slippers getting chewed up during this time period, you will be glad to know that there are a variety of dog toys available online especially for this purpose; to help aide your puppies teeth along and divert his attention from your brand new sofa.

    Once your youngling has chomped his way through his last slipper, he should have around 42 fully formed teeth and now that they are there, it is time to start looking after them. Around 80% of dogs have some form of dental disease that can not only lead to smelly problems, but can also affect key organs such as the heart and kidneys.

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