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  • Tips for Surviving Puppy's First Night

    Posted on July 4, 2013 by Lizzie


    All that space without their littermates can be a very big and scary place to a puppy.  Crates offer quiet sanctuary.

    Make puppy's crate as comfy as possible with one of our supersoft dog beds and some of our cosy bedding and place it just outside your bedroom door.

    Place something with the familiar scent of his mother in his crate if possible, as puppy experiences the world with his nose.  Our blankets are also great for having something to include with the scent of your puppy's new family members on to help him get used to you.

    Fill a hot-water bottle with warm water; cover it well in a towel or one of our blankets.  It's a great substitute for the warm body of puppy's mum.  A ticking clock can mimic a comforting heartbeat to your puppy.

    Make sure any bathroom needs are taken care of and make an effort to tire puppy out so that he is ready for a sleep.

    Wait until your puppy is in a relaxed state before closing  the door of the crate.  A blanket placed over the top to three sides will make it extra den-like and cosy.

    Your puppy is likely to whine as it is possibly their first night on their own and in unfamiliar surroundings, so it is natural for them to be a little upset.

    Resist the temptation to go to the puppy or take it out of the crate.  Give it chance to 'self soothe'.

    As with a newborn baby, the disturbed sleep doesn't last forever.  Before long you will be watching your little fella taking himself to his crate because he's a little sleepy head and he'll stay in his safe and cosy crate all night without a whimper <3


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  • National Puppy Awareness Week 2012

    Posted on September 12, 2012 by Lizzie

    It’s National Puppy Awareness Week this week (8th – 15th September 2012). Too many puppies end up abandoned and homeless after their owners buy them for the wrong reasons and from the wrong places before realising that they cannot cope. The Kennel Club’s National Puppy Awareness Week tries to make sure that a dog stays with its owner for the rest of its life.

    Find The Right Breed

    Finding the right breed of dog to suit your lifestyle is important. There are over 210 pedigree breeds of dog and many crossbreeds as well. Pedigree dogs are the best breeds to get when you want a dog with specific characteristics and personality as they are bred to behave a certain way. Crossbreeds are more unpredictable.

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  • Interesting Things About Dogs That You May Not Have Known!

    Posted on July 20, 2012 by Lizzie

    1. America has the highest dog population in the World

    2. Dogs are mentioned in the bible 14 times

    3. 70% of people also sign their pets name when sending friends and families greeting cards

    4. At the end of  “A Day in the Life” by The Beatles, Paul McCartney recorded a high-pitched dog whistle for his sheepdog

    5. Dogs do not have a sense of time

    6. Dogs are not in fact colour blind, their sight is just the equivalent of ours at dusk.

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  • What Your Dog Breed Says About You

    Posted on July 9, 2012 by Lizzie

    According to research, the breed of dog that you choose says something about you and reflects your personality. We tend to go for dogs that are a bit like us and that fit into our lifestyle. If you are an outgoing and loud person, you are unlikely to want a small quiet dog and if you are a quiet person it may drive you mad to have a loud bouncy dog to look after every day.

    From a Pug to a Newfoundland, dogs come in all shapes and sizes with a range of personalities and temperaments.

    Here are a few matches for you to compare your dogs against:

    Labradors and Golden Retrievers

    These breeds are very friendly and good-natured and make the ideal family pet. Those who choose these breeds tend to be family orientated and laid back. A love for the outdoors is common and Labradors and golden retrievers love bounding around in the countryside making friends and being sociable. Their owners also tend to be honest, friendly people.

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  • Signs Of Affection From Dogs

    Posted on June 22, 2012 by Lizzie

    Dogs are very loving animals, of all the pets they have been labelled "man's best friend" because they are loyal and affectionate. Dogs make it fairly obvious when they love you but there are also some common signs of affection they display:

    Following you

    Like with humans, when you love someone, they are the person you want to be around. This behaviour is typical of dogs. Dogs follow you around in order to stay with you and be by your side. It can also be seen as a sign of protection by staying with you.


    When puppies want to be fed they lick their mothers. When they are older they will lick other dogs as a sign of respect. This acknowledges the status of an older dog within their pack. Dogs can also lick you when they are anxious or stressed, but the most likely case is in a relaxed form when they are just licking you as a sign or affection and respect.

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  • Stray Dog Runs With Cyclists Across China

    Posted on May 30, 2012 by Lizzie

    A stray dog has completed a 1,100 mile trek across China with a group of cyclists. The dog ran with the group for over 20 days climbing over 12 mountains on their journey along the Sichuan-Tibet highway through all manners of weather.

    The brave little dog who has been named "Xiaosa" or "Little Sa" met the cyclists near the beginning of their journey. All it took was for one of them to feed her a little snack for her to dedicate herself to the rest of their journey running alongside their bikes. The litte dog soon became a national hero in China known as a mascot to the cyclists.

    One of the cyclists created a blog about his journey where he documented the dogs adventures - by the end of this race the blog had received over 40,000 fans! Little Sa's breed and age are unknown but this once hungry and lonely dog has now been adopted by one of the cyclists after receiving a clean bill of health from a vet.

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  • Pudsey The Dog Wins Britain's Got Talent

    Posted on May 14, 2012 by Lizzie

    It was a nail biting final on Saturday night when approximately 11.4 million viewers saw Ashleigh Butler and her dog Pudsey claim the title of Britain's Got Talent winners!

    Pudsey is a six year old border collie, bichon frise and Chinese crested cross. As part of his prize he will now perform at the Royal Variety Performance for the Queen - a known dog lover with her collection of Corgis.

    Ashleigh and Pudsey managed to pull of 3 flawless and unique performances throughout the competition and are now the proud owners of £500,000. Ashleigh says that one of the first things she will be buying him is a new lead after he lost one of his in the semi-finals.

    Simon Cowell, who is the head Judge on the ITV talent show claims that Ashleigh and Pudsey were one of his favourite acts ever. He told them:

    "I adore both of you. You have got better and better as the competition has progressed and to do what you did in such a short time is a miracle"

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  • Top Ten Dog Walks In Britain

    Posted on May 4, 2012 by Lizzie

    It’s the start of the May Bank Holiday Weekend tomorrow and I hope you are as excited as we are! Long weekends are a great time to make the most of the country side and letting your dog stretch their legs and have a great walk. It can be hard finding a good dog walk sometimes that combines all the required elements such as terrain, space, views and variety. So we have written a list of the top 10 dog walks around the country for you to try out this weekend:

    1. Glennifer Braes, Paisley – This walk has plenty of variety along it including open grassland and woodland. The terrain varies from flat to uphill terrain and there are many historical sites along the way as well as spectacular views. There is even a waterfall!

    2. Cavehill, Belfast – This walk is more challenging with wild, unsurfaced paths leading you past caves and across moorland and meadows. There is a lot to be explored for both walker and dog and there are views to keep you going for miles around.

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  • Boo - The World's Cutest Dog?

    Posted on April 25, 2012 by Lizzie

    Millions seem to think so!

    Boo the dog has taken the web by storm. He is a Pomeranian and was born on March 16th 2006 looking like a very cute miniature bear. His owner, camera poised has captured the hearts of people around the world with snaps of this lovable, fluffy, energetic dog.
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  • Dogs vs Cats - A Day In The Life

    Posted on April 3, 2012 by Lizzie

    We all know that there are considerable differences between cats and dogs. Here are just a few:

    • Cats have a better sense of hearing than dogs
    • Dogs have a better sense of smell than cats
    • Cats are carnivores and dogs are omnivores
    • The intelligence of a dog can depend on its breed where as all breeds of cat have the same intelligence levels

    However, here at Dog Beds, we believe there is one very significant difference between dogs and cats and this sums it up perfectly:

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