Compulsory Microchipping in Wales

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Wales are rolling out a new policy as of April next year, calling for all dog owners to microchip their pets or face a fine to the potential tune of £500. Policies similar to this one in Wales are being rolled out also across England and Scotland too. Owners will be committing an offence if they fail to get their dogs chipped after the age of 8 weeks, and this move has a widespread backing from the police and the RSPCA amongst others.

The move has been introduced in the hope that it will deter theft of dogs, a crime which has seen a sharp increase in recent years, and also improve dog owner’s responsibility when it comes to their pet’s behaviour and health. It also is hoped that the chips will make it possible to trace diseases from dog to dog back to the original source of infection, in order to control the spread.

It’s also possible that this new policy will make for responsible breeding and selling and encourage good ownership.

What are your thoughts? Are your pets already chipped? Do you think this will improve ownership? Have you had a bad experience with a dog owner and discovered their pet wasn’t chipped? Or have you found a lost pet and struggled to locate the owner?

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