Famous Dogs in Films and TV Shows

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We all know that actors and actresses make themselves famous from starring in films and TV shows, but what about the famous dogs that have featured on the big screen? We think they deserve acknowledgement too, so here is a list of the most famous doggy stars.



1. Beethoven - A St Bernard (named after the composer), the slobbery, lovable pet of the Newton family. The family vet however wants to use Beethoven for animal experimentation.




2. Lassie - A collie, undoubtedly the most famous dog in the world, he starred in books, movies and TV shows in his time. All the collies that played Lassie were male and descendants of the original Lassie.





3. Marley - A Labrador Retriever, Marley is the family dog of the Grogans in the film and the book. The story focuses on John and his family's life over the 13 years they live with their dog.





4. Toto - A Cairn Terrier,  was always referred to as a "he" in the classic film when Toto was actually a "she". $125 a week was paid for the use of Terry the dog to play the role.






5. Snowy - A Wire Fox Terrier, the companion of Tintin who travels everywhere with him. They have saved each other many times throughout their adventures.




6. Timmy - A brown mongrel, is clever and affectionate. He belongs to George but is loyal to all 5 characters. He goes wherever the children go and accompanies them on all their adventures, often protecting them.






7. Gnasher - An Abyssinian Wire-Haired TripeHound, he was Dennis's pet dog and partner in crime. When Dennis was at school, Gnasher sat in the garden waiting to ambush the postman.




8. Fang - A Neapolitan Mastiff, the pet of friendly giant Hagrid in the Harry Potter films. He was played by 4 different dogs through out the films.






9. Chance & Shadow - A Bulldog and Golden Retriever, these dogs starred along side their feline friend Sassy. The story follows them in a journey to reunited with their family in the film The Incredible Journey (the remake was later entitled Homeward Bound).




10. Rin Tin Tin - A German Shepherd, the first dog to grace our screens in "Where the North Begins". He was rescued as a puppy from the trenches and brought to America by a WW1 pilot named Lee Duncan.




Can you think of any other great movie dogs we have missed?




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2 Responses to Famous Dogs in Films and TV Shows

  • Crystal
    Crystal says:

    You forgot Tillman – he’s that famous bulldog who skates and surfs and now has his own Saturday morning TV show on Animal Planet. Look him up – he’s amazing and highly entertaining. You can tell he has that star-quality like some of the other dogs you mentioned!

    Posted on March 23, 2012 at 7:12 pm

  • Eric Albertson
    Eric Albertson says:

    Eddie Crane from Frasier.

    Posted on June 25, 2012 at 10:06 am

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