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  • Adopting A Dog

    Posted on January 5, 2012 by Lizzie

    Winter is a hard time for dog shelters and animal charities as they become over run with stray and unwanted dogs. Many families and individuals buy dogs for Christmas as a present for someone or just a companion for themselves. Statistics from the Dogs Trust show that the number of rescue dogs in Britain is the highest it has been for the past 11 years. In the past 12 months over 126,176 dogs have been rescued by local shelters and authorities. This means a whopping 345 dogs are being found every day.

    Adopting a rescue dog is a very noble thing to do, but it isn't easy.


    How Does Rehoming Work? 

    When you first decide to adopt a dog you will need to fill in a form letting the shelter know more about yourself. You can also have a chat with the staff at the shelter who will help to match you with the best dog to fit in with you and your current lifestyle. You can also have a look at dogs that currently need rehoming on their website (if they have one) before you visit the shelter.


    Once you have decided you definitely would like to adopt a dog then you can visit the shelter and meet the dogs that need rehoming locally to you. It is important to meet them as you cannot tell simply from a photo whether a dog will be suitable for you and your family. After this, the staff will help you to determine a shortlist of the dogs you would like to adopt.


    When your dog has been selected it is important to get to know them and bond with them. You will also need to arrange for any other dogs you own to meet the new addition to the family - a member of staff can help you to do this. A home visit to ensure your house and garden are prepared for the new arrival will be undertaken before the dog can come home with you - a secure garden is crucial as some dogs can easily escape.

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  • Danish Design Dog Beds

    Posted on January 4, 2012 by Lizzie

    Danish Design have been producing luxurious dog beds for over 25 years now. They are based in the heart of West Yorkshire and are a family owned company.

    Their products are designed to aid you in finding that perfect bed or accessories to work with you and your dog however you may need it. Whether you are looking for a large bed, a small bed, a mattress or a duvet, Danish Designs have them all.

    Their fantastic reputation has lead to them becoming UK market leaders, manufacturing high quality beds that are both stylish and practical.

    Here are a few of our favourite Danish Design beds:


    Danish Design Dalesway Wine Paw Quilted Mattress



    This wine paw quilted mattress is formulated from very high quality corduroy and comes in an attractive wine coloured finish. This top of the range cushion is easily cleaned and will keep your pet both warm and comfortable.





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  • Pets And Leisure

    Posted on January 3, 2012 by Lizzie

    One of the brand of dog beds that we supply is P & L Superior. They have been trading since 2000, so have gained a high level of experience for the requirements of a fantastic dog bed.

    Their dog beds are only  designed by specialists who already own dogs and therefore know what is ultimately necessary to keep your dog comfortable, warm and fully relaxed in their bed.

    Their beds are practical and stylish yet hard wearing and easy to clean. Whether you need a standard bed or a waterproof bed or maybe even a specialised memory foam bed, P & L have everything bed you could ever need.

    Using only upholstery grade materials and high quality fillings to create their dog beds, you know you are getting the luxury your dog deserves.

    Here are a few examples of our favourite P & L beds:


    P&L Superior Pet Beds - Pet Duvets Sherpa Fleece Charcoal Fleck



     This cosy fleece duvet is both stylish and practical and will certainly leave your dog warm and relaxed. The zip cover is easily removable which enables quick machine washing. The cover is made from the softest Sherpa fleece material for unrivaled levels of comfort.



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  • Charity dog bed update number 2!

    Posted on December 22, 2011 by Lizzie

    Thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word about our Christmas Charity Dog Bed giveaway.




    We have so far given away over £750 worth of Dog Bed goodies to over 25 different charities and dog shelters.





    This Christmas charity offer has now come to an end, but if you would like to be involved in another charity promotion we undertake in the future, then please don't hesitate to send us your contact details so we can let you know first.


    We really hope we have made a difference to lots of doggies lives and that they all have a warm and comfortable Christmas this winter.


    Wishing you and all your pets a very merry Christmas from us all here in the Dog Beds team.


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  • Talking Dog (Ultimate Dog Tease)

    Posted on December 20, 2011 by Lizzie

    This video of a talking dog has managed to top YouTube's list of the most watched videos in 2011 in the UK. The video clip portrays the dog seemingly speaking English when being teased by its owner over food treats being given to other pets.


    The hungry hound appears to be saying "You're kidding me!" when yet another foody treat escapes him. The 1.21 minute long video has so far been viewed by over 74 million people on the Google -owned video sharing site YouTube.


    This video was so popular it even beat a spoof video of the Royals (the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall) dancing down the aisle at the Royal Wedding. This video was a viral advert for the mobile network T-Mobile.


    So without further ado, here is the most popular video of 2011:


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  • Luxury Dog Beds

    Posted on December 19, 2011 by Lizzie

    We know that lots of people love to spoil their furry best friends. A dog bed is one of the most important features of a dog’s life as it makes sure they stay warm and cosy all through the night.
    We have put together a list of our top 5 luxury beds to show you just how much you can treat your doggy:

    1.Danish Design Rambla Lime Slumber Bed Nest

    This luxury bed is made from high quality cotton and provides high levels or comfort and relaxation for your dog. This product is very easy to maintain as it is entirely machine washable.  This bed comes in 2 colour schemes: Lime and Beige.





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  • Cheap Dog Beds

    Posted on December 19, 2011 by Lizzie

    We have shown you the luxury dog beds we have, but if Christmas has taken a toll on your finances then we also have a great range of cheap dog beds for you:

    1. Danish Design Cow & Calf Quilted Mattress




    This mattress is a top of the range cushion formulated with the highest quality cotton, it won't break the bank though as it is one of our cheapest. It can be machine washed and can be easily cleaned to ensure your dog is secure and comfortable. This bed is stylish and practical and would be a great addition to your dog's accessories. This danish design comes in a range of colours.




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  • Charity Dog Bed Update

    Posted on December 16, 2011 by Lizzie

    We would like to update everybody on how well our charity dog bed give away is going. So far we have given away over £450 worth of dog goodies to over 16 charities, helping them out this Christmas.


    We are really grateful for all the support we have received from you all. A big thank you to everyone who has been spreading the word by sharing through their Facebook and tweeting out to their followers on Twitter, we have had over 100 people tweeting out about it.


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  • Our top dogs of the week!

    Posted on December 16, 2011 by Lizzie

    We have been having a look at the top doggy pics this week and thought we would share a few of them with you :)

    1. A doggy nativity:

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  • Charity Dog Beds This Christmas

    Posted on December 8, 2011 by Lizzie

    We want to celebrate this Christmas by giving dog beds to charity. During the winter months the weather can get nasty and often leave our favourite four legged friends cold and wet and sometimes covered in snow.

    Abandoned dogs don’t have a loving home and owners to keep them warm and safe all day and night. The shelters and charities that take them in do such a fantastic job of looking after them and caring for them as much as is possible. They help regain their health and teach them to learn how to trust again.

    We want to help this Christmas by offering eligible dog shelters and dog charities in the UK £30 worth of free doggy goods * from our website to treat their lovely pooches this Christmas. Continue Reading

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