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Dog Beds are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Pennies – the electronic charity box. Pennies provide an easy and secure way to give a little something to others when you pay online. A few pennies here and there from shoppers can be powerful so Dog Beds wanted to choose a charity our customers can benefit from. Pennies - Electronic Charity Box

Going walking with your dog in the great British countryside is fantastic. But sometimes thing can go wrong. If you are walking on your own and you slip or have an accident you may be miles away from help. The weather may turn and you could end up trapped and unable to find your way back. This is where Mountain Rescue can help – anyone can call them if assistance is needed. Despite their name, many of the Mountain Rescue teams' annual call outs come from or for those on non-mountainous terrain such as countryside that people may not be familiar with.

Mountain Rescue

Here at Dog Beds we have chosen Mountain Rescue England and Wales (MREW) - the national coordinating body for the 52 teams across England and Wales - as our nominated charity to benefit from donations made at our online checkout page. Mountain rescue team members help their communities in a huge range of different circumstances from flooding to freezing and are often asked to help out in non-urban areas. Each team is made up of around 30 – 40 volunteers who are dedicated to helping save the lives of others.

All team members are volunteers, helping save the lives of others free of charge but the equipment required for each rescue mission is not cheap.  A stretcher costs £2,500 and a team vehicle comes in at £35,000. The list of equipment needed is endless but teams rely on donations to help.

The donation is not obligatory but when you have decided which items to buy from the Dog Beds website you will be asked if you want to round up your total to the nearest pound. It is that simple, whether it is 1p or 5p, that money is then your kind donation to Mountain Rescue and other great causes.

We would like to thank you in advance for any contributions made.

 Dog Walking in the Countryside

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