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  • National Puppy Awareness Week 2012

    Posted on September 12, 2012 by Lizzie

    It’s National Puppy Awareness Week this week (8th – 15th September 2012). Too many puppies end up abandoned and homeless after their owners buy them for the wrong reasons and from the wrong places before realising that they cannot cope. The Kennel Club’s National Puppy Awareness Week tries to make sure that a dog stays with its owner for the rest of its life.

    Find The Right Breed

    Finding the right breed of dog to suit your lifestyle is important. There are over 210 pedigree breeds of dog and many crossbreeds as well. Pedigree dogs are the best breeds to get when you want a dog with specific characteristics and personality as they are bred to behave a certain way. Crossbreeds are more unpredictable.

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