The Strangest Things To Find In A Dog’s Stomach

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Far from just sitting under the dinner table and hovering up the dropped scraps of food, the odd vegetable or scrap of meat if they’re lucky, our doggie pals have been known to take a liking to consuming the strangest of objects which as you’d expect often result in a bad belly and a trip to the vet. Funnily enough though, despite the old excuse, there are no recorded cases of finding homework in a dog’s stomach.

From child’s toys and golf balls to cutlery, we now take a look at just five of the strangest things to be found in the stomach of a dog….

Homer Simpson

While it’s a well-known fact that chocolate can be lethal to dogs, this 10 year old Dalmatian collie couldn’t resist tucking into a chocolate egg, after all why can’t dogs enjoy Easter just as much as humans?

What Dixie didn’t realise was the surprise hiding inside the egg, a figurine of cartoon favourite Homer Simpson.


A fork

Maybe Apachee the Husky wanted to improve his table manners, but took it too far when the 10 year old stole a fork from the kitchen sink and ended up swallowing it.

With its pointy prongs, the fork caused Apachee some damage, piercing a vein in his chest and forcing him through multiple blood transfusions and surgeries to fix the damage.

Golf balls and ammunition

Think twice next time you leave your spare golf balls lying around. Bertie the Pointer/Bloodhound mix became partial to eating the odd golf ball, so much so when his owner caught him in the act of eating one and took him to the vet for an x-ray, the scan showed he’d eaten 9 in total and bizarrely enough a rifle bullet.

A successful operation was able to remove the offending items and the owner got his trusty friend and his golf balls back.


15-inch serrated knife

This is possibly one of the most bizarre and extreme examples as 6-month old Kyle the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was only 18 inches long and 18 inches high. Somehow Kyle managed to consume a 15-inch serrated knife.

Luckily for Kyle and his owner the knife didn’t damage any organs and was safely removed and Kyle went on to make a full recovery.


Mobile Phone

Remember that familiar scenario where you can’t find your mobile? The last place you’d think of looking would be in your dog, but that’s just what happened when Nero the Doberman/Great Dane mix swallowed his owners Nokia mobile phone.

Luckily for Nero, following an operation, the phone was removed safely. Not so lucky for the owner who had to face the bill for a new phone and the vets fees.


If these five examples of extreme eating have taught us anything, with the high expenses involved in taking your four legged friend to the vet, whether or not your dog has a penchant for the unusual snack on the side it’s important to make sure you have pet insurance so that all your pets are fully covered against accident or illness.

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