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Okay, we’re not scientists here. We sell dog beds. That doesn’t stop us from enjoying articles claiming ‘studies show’… when it comes to reasons why dogs are the best kind of pet, though. We all know that dogs are considered man’s best friend because they’re extremely loyal and smart, but an article published earlier this week claims that they’re so much more than that and here’s why…

Apparently the chances of childhood asthma are reduced significantly if there’s a dog in the family home –why we’re not sure but the article claims that a Swedish study found strong correlations between children with asthma and those who don’t who own dogs.

Another reason why dogs are claimed to be the best pets is that they can reduce depression and stress. Having meaning, i.e feeding, grooming and walking your dog can give your day structure and routine, and give you something to focus on. Stroking and cuddling with your dog can relax you, and also you can be made to feel less alone by having some company. People can sometimes say dogs don’t understand humans, but the study claims that having “someone” to talk to helps us feel as though we’re not lonely.

Studies have claimed that dogs are able to sniff out… wait for it… cancer. That’s right, apparently dogs had a 93% reliability rate on detecting prostate and bladder cancer when under testing by a medical charity. They can also sniff out low blood sugar which is great for diabetics. You can train your dog to sniff out allergens too in food such as peanuts. Fancy, huh?

There’s also the protection factor too, the feeling safe factor. A nice warm toasty doggy at the foot of the bed is the best feeling in the world. The hot breath and face licking at 6am isn’t the best but all you have to do is look into those eyes and all is forgiven, right? Of course it is. You adore your dog and you want the best for them. They love you unconditionally and the relationship between man and dog is solid. That’s why we love selling top quality and seriously comfy dog beds. No matter the size of your dog, we’ve got many different dog beds for sale and you will definitely find one to suit you and your four legged friend!

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