Gor Pets Eden Slumber Bed

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Upholstery grade fabric for a durable, stylish bed.

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Heavy duty fabric Machine Washable
Gor Pets Eden Slumber Bed
The new Eden dog bed range has been inspired by the traditional art deco prints that have graced the walls of our homes since the late 1800’s and has seen a resurgence once again into our homes. The dog bed range has been designed for easy washing as the cover can be totally removed. The dog bed has been fitted with inserts that can be removed via the zippers in the cushion and the outer body of the dog bed. The dog bed uses upholstery grade material to make it as durable as possible. We hope your pet enjoys the comfort that this dog bed has to offer. The smaller sizes in this range can also be used to comfort your pet.
XSmall Internal Width 31 x Depth 25 x Height 18 External Measurements Width 49 x Depth 40 x 18 Small Internal Measurements Width 42 x Depth 32 x Height 19 External Measurements Width 61 x Depth 46 x Height 19 Medium Internal Measurements Width 50 x Depth 40 x 20 Height External Measurements Width 72 x Depth 56 x Height 20 Large Internal Measurements Width 60 x Depth 48 x Height 21 External Measurements Width 82 x Depth 65 x Height 21 XLarge Internal Measurements Width 71 x Depth 55 x 24 Height External Measurements Width 92 x Depth 74 x Height 24 XXLarge Internal Measurements Width 91 x Depth 71 x Height 27 External Measurements Width 115 x Depth 90 x Height 27

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